Featured Remodels

Mary’s Home

A need for a dedicated studio space

Mary discovered a passion for watercolor painting and consulted with Cobalt Construction to discuss the possible addition of an artist’s studio. Working with Laura Kraft, Architect, they determined that:

  • Her small house had no place for it
  • Floor plan was chopped into cramped subdivisions
  • Living room felt separate from the rest of the house and was rarely used
  • Tiny eating space at end of kitchen was barely useable

Remodel highlights

  • Art studio was added half a story up, above existing garage
  • Dividing walls and coat closet at entry and dining room were removed, allowing one to see the whole space
  • Opening to living room was widened, connecting it visually to the main room
  • Consistent new wood flooring helps the spaces flow together

Architect: Laura Kraft, AIA

Client Testimonial

During the job, I was impressed with Brian’s attention to detail and high standards. He insisted that all work be done well even if it meant that it had to be repeated. Brian also kept to our agreed-upon budget. Any additions were my choice. All work was on schedule as my remodel was their main job during the three months of the summer. I lived in my house during the remodel and the workers were considerate and cleaned up at the end of the day.
– Mary Lampe