Brian started out building houses when he was
just eight years old.

Tree houses, that is. He learned by doing as a kid, growing up with five siblings in the wooded suburbs of Seattle.

While still in college, Brian bought his first home in the Greenlake neighborhood, and discovered he liked remodeling. Five more remodeled homes followed, until his five-year-old son finally said “Daddy, I’m tired of moving.”

Being the fair-minded person he is, Brian took a full-time job with an Eastside builder, to keep doing what he loved to do. There, he learned how to build homes efficiently and gained valuable skills from working with skilled tradesmen. He got promoted to run the custom home and remodeling division and discovered he still loved the work, but not being confined to an office. So he started Cobalt Construction in 1993, where he's been able to do the work he loves, with small crews, one project at a time.

He makes it clear and easy

Brian compares remodeling to climbing a mountain, “No matter how big the project, we start at the beginning and take it one step at a time.” One of his strengths (and pleasures) is making it look un-complicated. “With older homes there can be surprises—we eliminate, minimize, and manage them so that homeowners can feel comfortable, informed, and safe with the process.”

And, if you invite him into your home to start a remodel, he’s there at the first meeting and onsite throughout the process, until completion. For Brian, focusing on one project at a time allows him to concentrate on the details, and to deliver the highest quality.

Cobalt works as a team

Brian believes that remodeling starts with a vision. “If my customers can picture it, I can build it,” he says. Brian's experience can help his clients direct their vision. He works closely with Seattle-area architects and designers to help expand that into a plan. Brian and his crew, together with talented subcontractors, brings the vision into reality.

Susan Ingham, of KASA Architecture, said, “We were able to work very successfully as a team to ensure that our clients got exactly what they wanted.”

Call or email Brian today to share your vision, 206-683-6382.


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Call or email Brian today to share your vision, 206-683-6382.

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Read more about Hiring a Contractor, at Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Basics for Homeowners: Guide to Hiring a Contractor is also helpful.

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